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Korean business operates on the basis of strong personal relationships. Whether you are trading with Korea, investing in Korea, or working with Korean companies in Europe, the building of such relationships is an essential element of success.

Korea Business Services (KBS) offers Cultural Awareness Training to help European businesses develop successful relationships with their Korean counterparts. KBS briefings provide essential background information on Korea's history, economic development, international relations and society, providing the context for the interactive training session on Korean business culture. This covers a wide variety of topics including business etiquette, managing Korean personnel, negotiating with Koreans and working in joint ventures,

The briefings are presented by Dr Judith Cherry, who has more than twenty years' experience of working in Korea and with Koreans. She is currently Chairman of the British Overseas Trade Board's Korea Trade Action Committee and a member of the Partnership Korea Advisory Group. The co-author of the Linguaphone Korean course and author of "Business Briefing: The Republic of Korea, Judith will publish her PhD thesis under the title "Korean Multinationals in Europe" in 2001. Judith also teaches Korean language, business and management at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the School of East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield.

KBS also provides translation into and out of the Korean language by highly-qualified and experienced native speaker translators, and intensive tuition in survival and basic Korean, with emphasis on practical language for business.


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